Greater Houston Hamfest

Greater Houston HamFest ARRL Texas State Convention

2023 Our 20th year
Friday March  03 and Saturday March 04 2023

Previous Year event photos:
2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Growing Bigger Every Year!
more then 1000 attendees !!
2023 will be an even bigger event!!!

Without Volunteers we will have no hamfest
We Need You!  Get Involved Now!

HamFest Contacts

Call me
Eddie 713-569-8799
Mike – 713-826-6917

Where do you fit in?

We need folks at the hamfest for many many tasks, you can help for a couple hours or you can dig in and help us plan and run this thing by being a task leader or task member…   There is a lot of stuff listed on this page, if you fell like you have any expertise in any of these particular areas and want to help please give us a phone call directly  …

Contact Mike Hardwick, N5VCX or Eddie Runner, NU5K 

Tickets, Prizes, VEs, Photographer

Ticket Sales
We have a dedicated ticket booth by  the entrance.
Execute ticket sales to attendees.
Contact Daphne Rawlinson, K5VQY

Securely arrange Raffle Prizes and   Door Prizes at podium for viewing.
Announce the drawing for door prizes  and the raffle prizes.
See Prize Committee above.

Ham Radio License Testing
Certified ARRL Volunteer Examiners   (VEs), you know the drill.
Contact Mark Janzer, K5MGJ, in the   upcoming months to participate.

Take photos of general activity,   awards, etc.
We need at least 2 photographers.

Web, On-line Registration, Treasurer assistance

Hamfest Website
Creating and putting content on the website.
Maintaining this living document Graphic design, Programming.
Check with Eddie Runner, NU5K

On-Line Registration
Assist in keeping this current & accurate. Also, see Hamfest Website elsewhere in these lists.  This is already on-line at another page on this website.

Assist Treasurer with preparations
Prepare registration packets  Wrist band acquisition, sorting, etc.  Site maps  Program copies
Check with David Ely, N5EKW

Various liaison and Special Activities

Fairgrounds and Facilities
Fairgrounds liaison  Update Bldg B & C Floor plans. See elsewhere herein for other   related activities

Arranging services and features
Note: Most of these are 2-part – before the event and during setup/Hamfest days.
Golf Carts and Port-A-Cans
Hand held radios
Raffle cage
Peace officer coordinator
Make and put out road signs
Make and put up program, directions  and other facility signs.

Food Vendor
Arrange for both days.  Meet & oversee.
Check Mike Hardwick, N5VCX

Emergency Vehicles
Arrange for, oversee & liaison during  the event.
Contact Mike Hardwick, N5VCX.

Guest Speakers
Approach interesting, authoritative   and notable speakers to give a one   hour lecture/ Q&A.
Coordinate with Rick Hiller, W5RH 

Other Friday Activities
Plan the Friday Night dinner
Execute Friday Night Dinner.
Coordinate, oversee other Friday  activities
Kit Building Seminar/ build kits

2023 Hamfest Committees Looking for volunteers PT1

Project Mgmt Documents
Fairgrounds & Facilities
FB Fairgrounds Liaison
Ticket Booth Manager
Golf Carts & Port-A-Cans
Hand Held Radios
Raffle Cages
Peace Officer  Coordinator
Gate Guard
Wrist Bands
Signage Coordinator
Bldg D and Club Room Mgr
AV Coordinator
Bldg B manager
Bldg C manager
Bldg B & C Set up & tear down
Floor Plans (Bldgs B & C)
Get local groups to help
First aid/sheriff’s – setup, etc.
Ham Testing Coordinator
Event Hospitality & Support
Food Vendor
Exhibits solicitation
Exhibits coordination
Prize Committee
Commercial Table Sales
Private/ham table sales
Volunteer Coordinator
Friday Night dinner or similar
Resolve Friday activities
Demo/Displays/Special tables
HF Station
Remote HF station
Equipment Check Table
Youth table
Card Checking
ARRL Table
Freebie Tables for Clubs
Maker’s Faire/ Spark Innov

2023 Hamfest Committees Looking for volunteers PT2

Groups Liaison
ARRL Liaison
VHF/FM Liaison
ARES Liaison
Boy Scouts Liaison
AMSAT/ Satellite QSO
Balloon Launch Team
National Orgs to invite & coordinate a dinner
Emergency Vehicles
Fox Hunt
Other groups
Local Clubs Liaison
Speaker coordinator
Booking speakers
Speaker scheduling etc.
Speaker gift
Speaker Moderator
Speaker/ARRL dinner
Finance / Cash
Finance Mgr
Raffle & Door prize execution
On-Line Registration
Commercial Sales Invoicing
Marketing & Publicity
General Publicity
Social Media – FB, etc.
Hamfest Flyer
Major event letters
Local stores
E-Mail notifications
Hamfest Web Committee
Local clubs
Regional clubs
Parking Coordinator
Tailgate area
Parking directions;
Horseshoe parking
Herding campers & non-hams

If Confused

Call me
Eddie 713-569-8799
Mike – 713-826-6917

Sales, PR, Vendors, Prizes

There are many opportunities.  Some  start now, others later and some  continue to after the HamFest.
Flyer – layout, distribution
Other Social Media
Mass media – press releases
Major event letters
Local stores
E-Mail notifications
Local Clubs
Regional Clubs
BVARC Trifold
Creative ways to get the word out.

Vendor Sales and coordination
Exhibits Solicitor – Contact  commercial vendors to participate.
Solicit Sponsorships.
Exhibits and Vendors Liaison – Assure   exhibitors & table sellers have what   they need & are properly placed.

During setup, walk around to the   vendors that look like they aren’t   just hams selling their equipment to   donate a door prize.
All donors will   have the prize marked with their   name and will be announced when  the prize is drawn. and listed on the website.

Prize Committee
Participate with the Vendor Liaison to  solicit, handle and display Raffle and  Door Prizes
Purchase any required prizes not   donated

General, Displays, Special Tables

General, Displays, Special Tables
Suggest and make happen new  creative interesting displays and  exhibits.
Oversee this activity.

ARRL Liaison & Card Checking
Contact Jim Burrough, N5DTT

Local Clubs & Organizations liaison
Contact them and make  arrangements for their freebie   ½ table.
Host and work with these groups re   their needs and table assignments.
Oversee that clubs have full time   staffing and aren’t selling personal  items.

Groups typically include:
VHF/FM Society
Boy & Girl Scouts
Balloon Launch Team
National Organizations -Invite, offer   special meeting, maybe arrange  (not pay for) dinner
Fox Hunt – table plus oversee event.

Youth Table
Be creative. Provide a table catering to the young hams and prospective hams.
Provide and coordinate staffing for this table.

Set-up oversight & A/V

Set-up oversight & A/V 

Buildings setup oversight.
Set-up oversee and assist with Bldg C.   (Note, we have paid help to  physically do setup & teardown), Mark tables w/ table numbers, Oversee, Bldg B, assist/oversee Club  Room & Bldg D.
Note: these 4 rooms/buildings are   actually set up by the respective   event coordinators.

Audio/Visual – Bldg. C
Assist A/V manager.
Contact Robert Polinski, KD5YVQ

Forums/Speakers, Traffic, Tailgate, Announcer

Forums and Speakers
Coordinate with entities providing forums.
Suggest creative new types of forums.
Work with Speaker Coordinator
Speaker introductions.
Room arrangement as appropriate.
Audio/Visual as appropriate. – –
Club Room and Bldg D manager (oversee setup, changes, restore to original condition, etc.)

Traffic routing and Tailgate management
Set up vehicle route on premises for vendors to follow to offload.  Note: This requires planning and mustering cones etc. ahead of time.
Tailgate – Mark off
Oversee tailgate
Tailgate fees collections
Oversee “Dry Campers”  inside or outside  the tailgate area
Supervise vendor offloading in Horseshoe and promptly exit.

Announcer/MC @ Head Table
Take 30 minutes to an hour announcing events, and other as needed.  Note: This person must have a clear and firm “radio voice.”
The Prize Committee will perform the actual raffles/door-prize drawings.

First-aid/Sheriff’s Bldg management
Only 1 activity here.  Minimal setup,  and oversight.

Special Tables and Operating Ham Stations

Special Ham Stations 

     – Talk-In
Provide equipment
Take several hours before and/or   during the actual Hamfest to do talk- in
Assumes you have a good insight  into the regional roads.

    – HF Station
Make happen – equipment, setup,   coordinate operators. Operate live for an hour.

    – Remote HF Station
Make happen – equipment, setup,   Coordinate operators. Operate live for an hour.
Contact Nizar Mullani, K0NM.

Youth Table
See Pre-Hamfest block for those   activities. Staff the table several times as you  wish.

Equipment check table.
BVARC provides a service to do basic  tests on used equipment that people   are purchasing.  Equipment and   setup will be provided by Task Group   leader.  Actual people perform testing for an   hour or two one or both days as   needed.  This person must have a   basic working knowledge (not   necessarily high level) of electronics.
Contact John Chauvin, K5IZO.


PARTNERS:  We have the Fort Bend county fairgrounds, its amazing, we should be able to easily find partners (negotiable) to show or advertise what they do (car dealership or any number of other things)

Some of the things we need to do at this EARLY planning stage 150 days out,  Is to  find Partners.. Partners who can help us with the great cost of doing the hamfest (exhibitors or sponsors), or Partners that can draw attendance to the hamfest (Vendors, Manufacturers, Presentors, or help with the big prizes and giveaways).
We are developing a list of contacts, but the first hurdle will be the presentation to the Partners, who we are, what we do, about the venue (fair grounds) and so fourth, in other words, why it would be good for them to partner with us…

I envision this as something on paper like our past years Hamfest Flyers ( I have many past year flyers down below you can look at..  Folks are telling me the flyers look dated and should be modernized..  I am not a graphics person, so I need help creating a flyer, or presentation we can show to potential partners at this early stage.

Tailgate Sale
Tailgate this year will be a special Tailgate area and a fee of $5.

HamFest MARKETING TOOLS:  We need help with getting the word out, we will of course be advertising in QRZ magazine and on the ARRL website, This year we will officially be the ARRL Texas State Convention… But we always need help with the Houston HamFest website. And multimedia tools such as facebook, twitter, discord  and instagram as well as talking it up on the air (nets and so fourth)..   We are asking for your help if you have any expertise or experience with any of this stuff.

FOOD / Music:  Best scenario may be BLUES and BBQ  With a separate Friday night Banquet at an undetermined restaurant in the area.

Past Hamfests Research Data
A new page called Past Hamfests can be clicked on the top menu of this page to see the older Houston HamFest Flyers and maps and stuff.  W5SPC was helpfull in finding the old hamfest flyers all the way back to our second hamfest in 2003. This can show you how much we have grown, and many of the things we have done in the past.

We used simple paypal buttons for the past decade, its pretty simple.. But now I see so many online tickets places using QR CODES..  There are several wordpress plugins that offer QR Code ticket sales..  Hoping to move to something like this (more modern) ..   Admission Tickets,  Table Sales, maybe even paid tailgating… If anyone has any experience or comments please let me know

Inovation Spark:  Working with Inovation spark in building C

Become Part of “THE CORE” ! 

Throwing out ideas  and discussion topics on the BVARC Reflector is good fodder for chewing and spewing. But the next step is the hardest….taking your suggested ideas and running with one or two of them to help put together and run the GHHF.

In the past it has always fallen to “The Core” of BVARC members who are always there to do the dirty. A few good folks in the past who were outside of the core had stepped up to help, but that is typically not the norm. It would be great

if all of the ideas suggested were spoken for and implemented, with a lead person at the helm of each determined to successfully bring to the table/GHHF what they have undertaken.
That would be one heck of a Hamfest. (Dayton, Huntsville, Orlando, etc. have hundreds of folks in 20 or 30 + clubs that join in putting those ham fests on) We are  now into the pre-operational phase for the GHHF 6 months off.

Please attend the next meeting, to be announced soon, and step up to the plate to join The Core to bring it to fruition. Your help would be massively appreciated, plus you’ll have fun seeing your efforts being enjoyed by the thousands who attend.
73…Rick — W5RH

We Need Volunteers

We Need Volunteers

We Need Volunteers

We Need Volunteers