Greater Houston Hamfest

Greater Houston HamFest ARRL Texas State Convention

2023 Greater Houston HamFest will be our 20th year
March  04th 2023

Previous Year event photos:
2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Growing Bigger Every Year!
more then 1000 attendees !!
2023 will be an even bigger event!!!


Without Volunteers we will have no hamfest
We Need You, Volunteer Now!

Tickets and Door Security

Volunteers to help with the ticket booth, checking tickets at the door to make sure people have paid and so fourth.

Hamfest Directors

Someone needs to head up the hamfest, this is who we call the hamfest director, and assistant director.

Ham Radio Testing

Our goal of helping Amateur radio operators is very much dependent on having a place to take the test and get their license.. Our VE team for testing at the hamfest is crucial.

Vendor Sales

Every Hamfest needs lots of vendors to fill the tables and attract hams from all over the area. We need someone to stay in contact with current and future vendors.. Making sure they get a table(s) and plenty of reminders though the year about our show.  Also we have to hit up the companies and vendors that have never come to our show before..  very important!!

Forums and Speakers

We always have such great activities, soldering classes, kit building, balloon launches, ham radio testing and more.. We are always looking for more.. We need someone to work with us to find and manage these activities. The idea is to grow the fun every year!


The Hamfest needs to be marketed every year, all year long, advertising, from Facebook to Craigslist to our adds in the ham radio magazines., How can we draw more people to our Hamfest each year?  We need volunteers that can put on his (her) thinking caps and come up with some new ways to tell people about our great show. Get involved now.


Organizing the prizes, soliciting vendors for prizes for future years, running the prize raffle

Guest Speakers

We are always looking for Guest Speakers related to Ham Radio, can you find someone that would be of interest to our hamfest, I know you do!!   This job would also include scheduling them for future hamfests

Hamfest Website

As you can tell this website is already great!  Can you help us make it greater?? If you have experience with putting content on a website this is your chance to be a hero.   Graphic design, programming is a plus but it is so easy anyone could do it.
Planning Ahead!
Volunteers Needed
next year is our 20th Anniversary
2021 HamFest – March 06 2021

Volunteer Now

Hamfest Committee

Forums and speakers
afilliate events
Other Advertising

Hamfest Event

Vendor and table director
setup tables
setup Audio Visual
door security
ticket booth
tailgate sale

We Need Volunteers

We Need Volunteers

We Need Volunteers

We Need Volunteers

We Need Volunteers

We Need Volunteers

We Need Volunteers


The GHH has always been a volunteer run organization.  BVARC depends on the success of the GHH for its financial well-being.  As such it is clear the need for able body volunteers is key to the job that is GHH.  It has been made clear to me that there is a need for a person to help coordinate volunteers.  We are searching for someone who is willing to take on recruiting and placing the volunteer staff.  To encourage participation and enhance the GHH experience we are working on a plan to have shirts for volunteers and offer free admission to the volunteer staff.  This process will be aided by the website and changes in the free admission policy.